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New User Registration

Before applying online, you are required to register and create an account. If you have already registered and created an account OR are a current DOE employee, please login now.

When registering, please note the following:
  1. Enter your legal first and last name as these names will also be used for your online application.

  2. The email address you enter will become your User Name when you login to the system
  3.     The following are requirements when creating a password:
          a) Be at least 6 characters in length
          b) Contain at least one number

           To make your password more secure you should:
            - Use both upper and low case letters
            - Use a combination of letters, numbers and/or symbols

  4. Remember your Password Reset Question and Answer.If you forget your password, the system will ask you this question and use your answer to confirm your identity.
Current DOE Employees - Do Not create a new account.
Use your Employee ID and Internet Password to login to eHR (click here to login now). If you forgot your Employee ID and/or Internet Password, please contact Customer Service Desk, Monday - Friday, 7:45am - 4:30pm (HST), except on State/Federal Holidays:
  • Oahu - (808) 564-6000
  • Neighbor Islands - 1 (808) 692-7250 (toll free)
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* Email Address:
Please begin by selecting the appropriate 'Address Type' on the drop down menu. If you are entering only one address, please use Mailing/Current as your 'Address Type'. Enter the rest of your address information and click 'Save Changes'. Once you are taken back to the application screen, if you need to add another address, click on 'Click Here to Add New Address'.
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* Password Confirmation
* Password Reset Question
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